What Is the Best Time of Year to Find a New Role?

Whether you’re a hiring manager looking for the perfect person to fill that spot in your SEO department or you’re a candidate on the prowl for digital marketing jobs in London, the hiring process can feel painstakingly slow. According to a 2016 study, it takes 42 days on average for a company to fill a role, while another study revealed that it takes 40% of job candidates five to six weeks to get a job offer.

During this lag in the hiring process, companies are bound to lose out on productivity, time and money; applicants are forced to spend their free time applying to other roles and may not even have an income to support themselves as they search for a job. Is there a secret to making this process more efficient for everyone?

The answer, in short, is yes – but it takes a bit of strategising. By timing your job search according to hiring trends, you could increase you chances of landing the perfect position or employee in a time frame that works for you. Check out Sumo Creative’s handy guide to hiring at different times of the year for a recruiter’s insider knowledge on when to jump into the job hunt. 

January: New year, new you

As the new year rolls around, many candidates set resolutions and goals for the coming months and are filled with a sense of motivation in their job search – it’s no wonder the most popular day of the year to look for a new job is 6 January. If you’re one of those people who thrives off the ideas of self betterment that New Year’s Day can inspire, use January as a springboard for tracking down all the best digital jobs in London!

April: Bigger budgets mean more jobs

From both a company and candidate perspective, April is one of the best times to dive into the world of hiring. It’s the end of the reporting year, which means that most businesses have their budgets in place and can spend it on new hires. It also means that a variety of roles will pop up on the market, making it an ideal time to cast your CV into the talent pool.

August: Less candidates and better chances

Toward the end of the summer months, many candidates and hiring managers are off on holiday. With so many people out of the office, an eager applicant might have to wait a bit longer to hear back about a role – but at the same time, there will probably be less competition. Use this period as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

September: Pre-holiday preparations

September and October are ideal months to begin looking for a new job or employee. During the run up to the holidays, you can apply to roles and interview candidates. Once you find the right applicant or position, the candidate can finish working their notice period and be ready to start their new job right after the Christmas break.

December: Quiet offices and slimmer competition

The weeks just before the holidays are similar to August in that they can be quiet, giving candidates the chance to stand out from the crowd. Plus, if you manage to set up a new job or hire before the new year, you’ll be a step ahead of the game after you ring in the new year!

Of course, hiring trends vary between agencies, companies, industries and recruitment budgets – but in our experience, these are the best times to seal the deal on digital recruitment in London. At Sumo Creative, we believe that the hiring process should work for you. That’s why we’ve aggregated our fountain of recruitment knowledge into this month-by-month breakdown, and that’s why we’re always on call to help you find the ideal candidate for your company or the ultimate role for your skillset. Whatever the time of year, we provide all the resources to make recruitment fit your needs and timeframe. 

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