Blurring the Lines: What’s the Difference Between Influencer, Social and PR?

In the fast-paced world of digital, roles are constantly evolving and new positions are being created to keep up with demand. Over the past few years, digital recruitment in London has seen a variety of new job titles emerge, some recognisable (Social Media Strategist, PR Executive) and others a bit more off-the-wall (Dynamic Social Innovator, anyone?). These positions require and develop different skillsets and can lead candidates down a variety of paths.

But how do recruiters differentiate candidates on these specialised paths from ones with more generalised skills? What type of candidate do employers prefer? Here, Sumo Creative give a recruiter’s perspective, so you can successfully market yourself for your dream role.

Consider Your Experience

First, think about the past positions you’ve held and the companies you’ve worked for. From a recruitment standpoint, candidates who come from an in-house background tend to have a mixed skillset, often integrating social, PR and digital. Agency-based candidates, on the other hand, typically have more specific roles – for instance, a candidate from a PR agency is likely to only have experience in that field.

Find the Right Recruiter

Paired with a solid understanding of your own experience in digital, working with a good recruiter is key. Some recruiters attempt to pigeonhole candidates based on their CVs instead of getting to know them. At Sumo Creative, we take a different, more in-depth approach, trying to understand your journey (including the bits not mentioned in your CV!). We take the time to ask about your aspirations and experiences, discovering weapons in your arsenal that you might not have included in your profile. This allows us to figure out the right roles and companies for you.

Expand Your Horizons

Though the type of candidate a company is looking for will depend on the company itself and the role they are looking to fill, we’re seeing that more and more hiring managers are favouring applicants with mixed skillsets. However, if you’ve only worked in a specialist capacity in digital marketing jobs in London, you needn’t worry – a good recruiter will help you recognise the talents and skills you didn’t even realise you had.

Of course, with the trend toward broader skillsets, you may find it’s a good idea to adopt a more holistic approach to digital, and we can help with that, too. After speaking with you and learning your goals and strengths, we can match you with a position that will further develop your skills, making you the best digital professional you can be and taking your career in the direction you desire.

Today, the boundaries between social media, PR and other creative departments are less defined. You may find that social media jobs in London require you to meet with brand ambassadors, create content and represent a company publicly, in addition to implementing a deep understanding of analytics and social campaigns. The digital creative scene is shifting, but with a great recruiter on your side, you can adapt to these changes and use them to your advantage. 

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