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What Is the Best Time of Year to Find a New Role?

Whether you’re a hiring manager looking for the perfect person to fill that spot in your SEO department or you’re a candidate on the prowl for digital marketing jobs in London, the hiring process can feel painstakingly slow. According to a 2016 study, it takes 42 days on average for a company to fill a […]

Why Your Company Culture is Your Greatest Recruitment Weapon

If you’re at all familiar with the tech industry or the startup scene, you’ve probably heard people talk in awe about the company culture of businesses like Google. The company sets aside space for breakout zones and gaming areas within their offices; they regularly host creative events and classes; they offer free food and gym […]

How the Flex Economy is Transforming Recruitment

With the advent of cloud-based technology, social media and instant communication, more and more people are choosing to embrace nomadic lifestyles, working remotely while still maintaining thriving careers. Other people take advantage of technological innovations by adopting flexible schedules and working from home. This evolving flex economy signals a massive shift from the classic 9-to-5, […]

Let me introduce you to our two new Business Managers…

By Nick Brand – Director Esther Ramtahal is here to run and build our traditional PR & communications business. Given that Sumo are digital recruiters, this is a slight lane-change for us, but the time feels right and I couldn’t be more excited. Esther is an experienced, knowledgeable and well-connected PR recruiter – I’m sure […]

Do Companies Need to Calm Down About Social Media?

It’s official – if you want that high-flying job, you’d better take a look at your social media privacy settings. Recent YouGOV research shows that 1 in 5 employers has rejected a candidate based on their social media usage, with large organisations being the most likely to snoop – and the most likely to turn […]