For Candidates

How Do You Spot A Good Recruiter?

We’ve all been there… You’ve reached a point in your current job role where you’re feeling deflated, let down and quite simply want to find a position that you’d enjoy on a day-to-day basis. Maybe you’ve reached a point where you just want to move to a new environment, or you’re simply lacking challenge and […]

“LinkedIn Only” – A Recruiter’s Downfall?

Every employer knows the nightmare of a poorly organised hiring process – at its worst, it can lead to recruiters being inundated with applications from hordes of unqualified, unsuitable candidates, turning your email inbox into a virtual paper-storm. Soin many ways, LinkedIn’s been a game-changer for the recruitment process, bringing anetworking environment to the online […]

Why Candidates Are Losing Faith in Recruiters

Looking for a new job is an exciting and nerve-wracking journey. The feeling of constantly putting yourself out there for rejection, the need to keep your search hidden from your current employer and the dizzyingly vast number of avenues to explore all conspire to make job-hunting an incredibly stressful time. It would seem, then, that […]