Sumo’s Guide To… WFH

You’ve probably seen or heard the acronym WFH (that’s ‘working from home’) rather a lot in the past few days…

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is well and truly testing the agility of London’s workforce. Following the Prime Minister’s advice this week, companies are adapting to ‘working from home’/’remote working’ as offices shut down across the capital.

If you have found yourself WFH this week, here is some essential advice to keep in mind.

Get up!

Although you may feel tempted to stay in your PJs and use your laptop in bed, this can encourage sloppy working habits. It is wise to always use a dedicated work area – a desk, a dinner table, an outdoor space.

Eat breakfast

Just like a normal day in the office, have breakfast and a hot drink to fuel you for the day ahead.

Structure your day

A change in environment can make it difficult to stick to your usual routine. Use a checklist to set yourself clear goals. Trello & Asana are great project management tools that will help track your progress on different tasks and to prioritise projects.

Communication is key  

Just because you are not physically with your colleagues, it does not mean teamwork has to suffer. Thankfully, 21st century working life offers tons of useful communication platforms that can make working remotely a much smoother process. These include:

  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts/Meet
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams

Take regular breaks

It’s important to have short breaks away from your work – particularly to give your eyes a rest from computer screens.

So don’t feel bad for taking time away from your work – eat a snack, walk the dog, have a stretch…

Be prepared 

If you are not used to working from home, it is inevitable that little hiccups may arise. It’s always a smart idea to have back up plans, especially when you are unsure of how long the current arrangements will last. In particular, consider Plan Bs for any technical issues that may arise (e.g. poor WiFi, broken laptop charger).


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