Why Your Company Culture is Your Greatest Recruitment Weapon

If you’re at all familiar with the tech industry or the startup scene, you’ve probably heard people talk in awe about the company culture of businesses like Google. The company sets aside space for breakout zones and gaming areas within their offices; they regularly host creative events and classes; they offer free food and gym memberships to their employees. With all of these perks, it’s no wonder Google receives more than two million job applications per year. But millions of people aren’t applying for jobs at Google just for its juice bar or its laundry services. Rather, Google attracts so many applicants because of its overall brand, and the way these perks contribute to it. Google represents a hub of innovation and creativity – one that values its workers and their wellbeing.

According to a recent study, 96% of jobseekers consider an employer’s brand when applying for jobs. Given this staggering statistic, it seems obvious that companies should follow in Google’s footsteps. But how can companies highlight their employee benefits and culture? Sumo Creative explores the most effective strategies for drawing in the best talent.

Implement a Comprehensive Strategy

As business guru Peter Drucker once said, ‘Organisational culture eats strategy for breakfast.’ Just as you would if you were launching a campaign for a product or service, your company needs to come up with a solid marketing strategy for attracting applicants. First, you must determine the qualities of your ideal candidate, so you can tailor your campaign to a target. Then you can decide the best way to communicate with the jobseekers you’re hoping to appeal to, and how to best ‘sell’ your company to them.

UtiliseSocial Media

The use of social media can bring in a plethora of great applicants, particularly for digital marketing jobs in London, where creatives are constantly networking through apps like Instagram and Twitter. On these platforms, you can take photos and videos to let potential candidates take a tour of your office, meet your current employees and learn about what daily life is like at your company. Social apps are a great way to make your company culture known on a personal level. However, it is important that you plan your social media carefully.You can create beautiful posts to publicise your company, but if the timing and reach isn’t right,the perfect candidate might never see them!

Look Beyond Salary

Of course, salary will typically factor into an applicant’s decision-making process – but now more than ever, jobseekers are thinking about other aspects when looking for a new role. According to a recent study of the workforce, 61% of professionals say employee perks are a key consideration in their job search, with benefits like flexible working, seasonal bonuses and extra holiday topping the list. In addition, workers increasingly value positions that will fulfil their passions, not just fill their pockets. In an American survey, 57% of young people said their top priority was finding a job they enjoyed or felt good about, while older people tended to value making money and learning new skills.

Given the importance of both employee perks and a greater sense of purpose, it’s crucial that you publicise what sets your company apart. This can include material benefits, such as free fruit and breakfast or state-of-the-art facilities, as well as the impact that your business has on its workers and the wider community. The key to attracting candidates is finding the things about your company that excite, impress and motivate, and placing them at the forefront of your brand.

At Sumo Creative, we’re able to help businesses highlight the perks of their company culture because we’ve worked hard to ensure that our own company culture is ideal for our recruitment teams. We offer early finish Fridays, dinners and lunches for targets hit, generous holiday allowances and much more.In your search for the perfect candidate, having the right recruiters on your side can make all the difference, and we know how to draw in talent by showcasing all the things that make your company great. You don’t need to be a flashy tech giant like Google to find awesome employees for your business – you just need to represent your brand and culture authentically.

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